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Owneeeed :slight_smile:

for real privesc you need to follow admin hints

would I be able to DM someone here who has owned for a hint?, I have everything except root because I can’t find a poc anywhere for the vulnerability needed for privesc even though I know which vuln it is :frowning:


I have got the reverse-shell and root access. But i can not find any flag as root user…i already stuck here for about 1 day… Can any one give me a hits?? thnaks… :rofl:


Is the password into rock music?

if you are talking of the password itself, hardly
but if you are referring to where you could find it the yes


I got user access right after I managed to climb to root that way it was possible to escape from docker I’m already authenticated with the second user on the machine but I have no idea how I can get root please can you help me?

Try checking docker version and google

Is it mandatory to do a docker escape ?


pwew afterwards i say it is an easy box but the last part gave me some headache, mostly because i got some different errors … talking about a rabbit hole, the biggest one is called stackoverflow… but after a restart problems solved :slight_smile:

what is the password into rock music means??

yes, I have no leads to getting root or even user flag

im completely lost, no idea what to do after root and frustrated bcs other are saying its the easiest thing ever. might as well just give up

rooted - nice, straighforward box

dont overthink - each section tells you what you need to do

User : This is a prickly one, but a quick google will help. Look around once you are in, theres something intresting if you search

Root : Go ! - Play.

You will find a relevant name in the previous step - you will have a whale of a time googling what it can do


phew, im new to ctf, so it went hard lol
for those who did not solve it yet, here’s a small hint

a little bit of script kiddy actions such as googling everything you see might help in this exact box))

Hello guys, i have root access i’m looking for the flag. I didn’t find it , could you please provide me a hint please ? Thanks

Got the shell through brute-force exploit but not able read .sh file
can someone help me out