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Found a way to peak into the files, but banging my head against what to do next. I try to enumerate anything that comes to mind nothing valuable shows up.

Anyone has a hint ?

Is it normal that the web server takes forever to respond? Only 1 page loaded.
Rebooted the machine. Now even redirect does not work.

imagetrick is rabbit hole?

@spaceboy20 Yes

Hello, The source code shows you how the application handles things in the upload :slight_smile: it’s a good hint about the vulnerability :slight_smile:

Wow ok I got it.
If anyone got stuck at the same point as me here is a hint :

What is the language used on the subdomain ? Maybe the dev used the same language on the main domain ?
Keep that in mind when fuzzing for files that might exist on the box when abusing the L** vuln (-x flag on gobuster)

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Yes, however I can’t determine the webroot or find files allowing me to move forward.

Look into the HTTP response headers : is it nginx or apache or something else entirely ?
What is the default place where people put configuration stuff for this software ?

this was the first thing i tried, am i missing smth?

This is a bit too much info imo

Well, I think you are right.

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I am kinda stuck at the foothold. I am wondering where you guys found the LFI :thinking:

any clue about PrivEsc?

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You have to read the source code to understand the logic of the application. It is not for nothing that you can download it :slight_smile:

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Although root is very easy, I would definitely put the user part in “hard” levels of difficulty.

While all makes sense, you have to guess quite a lot of things.

If you are stuck, feel free to reach out for help.


Got it :slight_smile:

Finally home, I hope this cold don’t hold me down on solving the machine :sweat_smile:


I am advancing a lot I found the webroot of the main application I am trying to find some more code inside this directory if someone needs help they can write to me I can give information how far I have come

Pwned that box, it’s a good medium box, closer to the easy tier. I’ve needed to do some research to inject properly (it was the most fun part of the box btw).
Some hints:

  • user: enumerate, don’t forget about default creds and config files.
  • root: check your privileges, try running the exploit without sudo first (easier to debug and develop that way)
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