Official Encoding Discussion

Official discussion thread for Encoding. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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Rooted! Nice box with some unique elements to it! Definitely on the harder side of Medium IMHO


Managed to figure out the file inclusion on the endpoint, as well as user svc, but not sure where to enumerate further.

Still stuck into gettng the svc user i tried everything i can it git into it mybe a little hint coul help

I would say that this was a pretty good machine, the initial foothold was definitely interesting. For anyone stuck feel free to drop me a PM.


what’s up bro, help me ps

Rooted. This was an awesome box. Learned quite a bit in the initial stages.

Rooted! That was a fun machine (especially getting the foothold), root part was too easy though imo. Still it was a nice challenge with quite a few new thing to learn.
If anyone got stuck feel free to PM me for some hints :smiley:

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Rooted. Wow user and foothold absolutely wrecked me. PM me if you need a hint

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Pretty stuck on www-data → user any hints on docs to read? I know the **t is involved but can’t seem to find anyway to leverage it.


I need a hand with www-data to user as well. Anyone that can help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Stuck on the login after getting the username, need help!

am i the only one who couldnt root it? can someone give me hints i am just at .

**c user

after getting to the **c user try running some basic enumeration:
sudo -l and find / -writable 2> /dev/null
If you’ll need more help feel free to PM me :slightly_smiling_face:


hey thanks i just realised that someone screwed up the machine and i just needed to reset it, Thanks a lot

I finnaly could complete it after so many time, I guess I spent like 20 hours on it counting the 2 days

I thank so much to @XSSDoctor who could help me when I needed, much things were new for me :heart:

This machine is a long one, don’t be afraid, go, enumerate, take one step after another, have patience when you find something new, search for it online, try to modify the payloads that you get, eventually you are going to pass trough the level and reach the next

And of course, if anyone ends up stumbling with this one, just send me a message and I will take where you want to get, R is always here :heart:

Rooted. A good learning opportunity

Rooted. PM me if you’re stuck and I’m more than happy to help

Great foothold machine…painful but great!

R help me get up from www → svc