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Official discussion thread for Investigation. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Anyone have any idea about the xml file part ?

Rooted! A bit too much hay in the haystack perhaps :laughing:


Can i dm you about the xml part ?

can i dm you?

Let’s wait 24 hours before giving hints

ditto to you

NVM Found it !


can you please tell me how did you bypass dir separator restriction? i’m stuck in foothold.
update: finally got the foothold, i’m really dumb. i missed something that even a kid wouldn’t that too after finding the vulnerability within first 5 minutes of enum…:person_facepalming::person_facepalming:


Rooted. That was a TON of fun. Big ups to the creator.

Just rooted the box :smiley:


Rooted! Really fun machine!

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Did I miss the point of log file?.., fonud “-” TargetUserName he insert USB and copy some file? any hint?

finally rooted. great box :grinning:

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you are looking for something right and something wrong . don’t follow the e***l , you are not the investigator for company, you are a hacker so find something that you will need to get user login. sometime you fail because you put right thing in wrong place.

I am still not getting it.“path seperator bypass”

i was foolishly trying to get rev shell using one liners almost all one liners contain “/” . forward Slash is also known as “Directory Separator”. so i was looking for a bypass and spent whole night hitting the wall, then applied a new approach in morning and got shell. hope it clears your doubt✌️

i am stuck at the same issue. That what i meant actually .

Feel free to DM me if you think you have tried enough.