Official Derailed Discussion

Official discussion thread for Derailed. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.


Rooted! Don’t bother asking me for help though… I used unintended paths that will probably be patched! I will try to beat the box the intended way before giving my opinion!

any small hint about, entry point?

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I think the name is major clue. Used a simple tool that seems to confirm this (with 50% confidence) but I suck at this and could use any tip you’re willing to throw out there. All avenues attempted using the method that I think this is box is suggesting take me nowhere.

Got User the intended way. Much more involved than the cheese that will probably be patched :laughing: The box is a lot harder with that. I do really like the exploit though.

Not bad box, the initial foothold was quite challenging (at least for me :smiley: ), however i didnt like the PE part the software that was chosen is a complete trash in my opinion, very hard to find some information about it… but i guess this was the idea… anyway learned quite few things out of it…
For anyone stuck feel free to drop me a PM.

same here not getting entry point