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Official discussion thread for Pov. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

I’ve thrown the kitchen sink at the machine and still not even an inch of a clue where to even start.


With this box we gonna hack a cybersecurity company. That gonna be beyond level.

oh, it was right in front of my face

hint pls

Can someone help me find the subdomain for this box?

sure dm

need help in user part

Hint - try to get other domains


ok i dont have any idea what to do now xD

I’m stucked on priv escalation. If somebody can share any hint, would be nice. Tried a PoC i’ve found but shell opens and closes inmediately :frowning:

Is it me or is this box sloooowwww?
e: reverted the box, better now!

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hi guys, i’m stuck with the foothold, i got something but can’t exploit :frowning:
can someone PM me ?

any hints on foothold? I’m stuck

i have all that i need for the foothold but i am unable to do it !!! grrrrrrrrrr
Tried 2 poc and it never execute my commands …

Got it… Ultimately it’s a straightforward box but the hard part for me was getting the payloads correct.

Foothold: Do your enumeration right and you’ll find it. I spent more time getting it to work after finding it than I would have liked though.
User: With foothold it’s easy to find. Look around carefully.
Root: It should be immediately obvious what you can do but I still spent a lot of time trying various payloads and techniques and I could not for the life of me to get any to work, I ended up using meterpreter and migrating feels like cheating. :frowning:

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hello,please i need some help, getting foothold…, the shell i am trying doesn’t seem to work…

It was amazing, I really forced myself to get this one on my own and learned a lot.

Foothold: Spent a lot of time on this because I didn’t realize something so normal could be the attack vector. Realized my mistake when I tried getting a foothold with the pieces I leaked. After that, it was all about reading what’s online.
User: This one was pretty straightforward.
Root: Again, spent a lot of time because I didn’t think for myself and depended on the handful of tools written for the exploit. Couldn’t get them to work so I gave up and used what I already had. But it’s crucial to understand what you have and what you can do with it. So if you are unsure, it’s probably the best to do some reading.

Have fun and don’t stress yourself out too much! :innocent:

got root

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