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Is EU.VIP3 Having a problem. Can’t discover host at all

Same here on another EU server… hour passed not much chance to compete :frowning:

Edit: nevermind, rooted. Definitely try to switch servers if this happens.

I had problems with regular vpn as well, last week and switched to US Server.
For the release arena, I am still on " EU RELEASE ARENA 1" and no issues so far here

Good luck everyone, I got User it was easy now looking for a priv escalation as I write this

I managed to get The Exploit to work once and get the shell, but at some point it lost the connection and after that no luck with getting the shell again. No error messages when running the exploit, but the shell just doesn’t work properly, i get no replies to any commands. Any hints what to do?

Anyone got root? I feel like I am deep in a rabbit hole.

Did you just ran the poc?


you might need to tweak the poc a little to work

ok thanks, let’s see if i figure out how :slight_smile:



got foothold, so many passwords but I ain’t got user yet, any small hint?

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is ** or ********** a rabbit hole for root ?
For user you have to look around

Rooted this beauty yesterday after a lot of work!

I liked the idea behind this machine, the only problematic part was for sure the instability on the foothold vector. I tweaked the PoC and got the webshell working but sometimes it just broke and didn’t run at all. You had to set foot and migrate to a revshell ASAP to stabilize (the most common PoC implementation for this vuln emulates a rev shell but its actually just a webshell response parsed in the terminal, btw).

Root part is kind of straightforward but required a little thinkering.


User: All about reading versions. When i did it, was kinda tricky, sometimes the right payload did not work. Keep trying. After foothold, movement to user is the usual drill cred-related enumeration.

Root: Pay attention to the ports open. Forward whatever feels important to attacker machine, you might discover some interesting services. Metasploit will be your friend when time comes. After some movement you will have permission to execute some interesting things and maybe you can leverage that into a root shell. Be creative and try stuff, you never know what is going to work!

Gl all!

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i dont know why my poc wont work i tweaked the directory path but cant seem to get it working any help would be greatly appreciated

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Me too

the shell is driving me crazy!:poop:

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Been stuck on the poc path for longer than I care to admit

how long did it take for you to decrypt the hash? and did you use hashcat or john? im trying hashcat mode 3200 and it is taking extremely long