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Here we go again…
Error! You already have a machine assigned on your current lab.

Does anyone have a quick way to fix this? reset vpn, reset to usa, back to eu, nothing helps.
It’s starting to get annoying… the laboratories are great but the htb website is a disaster… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


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Ty for letting me know. I will come back to this box later.

foothold is ez…

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got the user… lol

I resolved the data subdomain in etc/hosts, but it returns a bad gateway error when i access the login. How do i fix this?

Edit: as of writing, the box is unstable as ■■■■…


I believe the machine itself is unstable. I keep getting that the service is down even after a fresh reset.

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Happy hacking day everyone :smile:

I am having a No route to host error in http service.

Why aren’t we getting personal instances for this one? Normally when a box is just released, it goes into the release arena, but not this time. And like others said, the M…se instance is unreachable just after reset - does it just take a while to come up, or what? Yeah, looks like it takes some time to init.

Still getting 502 bad gateway since reset …

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haha gate keepers, here we go again

They are storing our data at the tip of the fricking Eiffel Tower. No wonder it is secure :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Struggling with privesc.


bruh, i’m getting no route host , 502 gate way errors randomly, can’t even touch the foothold part

Does anyone have a working payload?

There are a whole bunch of POCs out there but none of their payloads work. I always get errors.

bruh why is it so unstable? didn’t even touch the foothold part since i keep getting bad gateway

I got user but i’m struggling with root, i couldn’t find anything… Any hints?


anyone having issues opening a certain db file??? driving me crazy