Official Delivery Discussion

Official discussion thread for Delivery. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Not able to access the machine !

Spawning for 15 minutes now…zzzzz… anyone able to access this box?

Just started responding

one more time ! its not a EASY BOX !!! its impossible learn

I’m trying to create accounts, but I never receive the confirmation mail. Anyone with the same issue?

None of the boxes are connected to the internet as far as I know email wont work! Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Been trying some CVE’s for X** in the low port for a while now with no luck… Is this a rabbit hole?

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Been trying some CVE’s for X**I in the low port for a while now with no luck… Is this a rabbit hole?

same here, I tried a bunch of them, I also tried to upload a file to get a shell but nothing

Do we need to bruteforce some forms in webpage ?

Officially unable to get foothold. Messed around with o******s with no luck despite the multiple CVEs out there. There is information I’m unable to find out to make them (it) work.

Can´t commit the hash! Reset the box and it hangs when spawning again. Goodnight…

any nudge plz?

Rooted ! Nice Box. Easy if you take time to read.

  1. Take time to read pages on the 1st website. It will help you understand the foothold process.
  2. Again take time to read what’s in front of you.
  3. You have a shell now.
  4. A few minutes of enumeration should do the job to find the right info.
  5. Go take the secret that we need.
  6. We saw a hint earlier, it’s time to use it.
  7. Rooted.

If you PM me, please explain the situation. If you think this is a spoiler, flag it.

There we go! Root!

Really fun box. Would definitely have taken me a lot longer if I hadn’t recognized the foothold from some article a year or so ago.

Anyone else having problems enumerating? Nothing nmap is working, tried netcat too and get ‘no route to host’ for everything…reset the box; same result…??

solved; had to specify the interface for some reason it didn’t go to my tunnel this time.

If you are stuck, make sure you read everything. If you are still really stuck, DM me for a little nudge.

Really fun box honestly, the ratings don’t do it justice.
Concentrate and read everything carefully. Once it clicks you’ll feel really dumb.
Rooting was also super simple, just a case of careful enumeration.

user was really cool! I figured it out while I was tryna ask for a hint. I had to write down where I was stuck, what I’ve tried, and what I might think will work, and then it clicked to me where I went wrong.

Tip: If you’re stuck, try to do the same as me. Write down what your problem in detail and what you’ve already tried, as if you’re explaining it to someone who is trying to help you. Maybe something will click for you too

I’m stuck after the user flag.
i don’t know what to do with c****.j**n
Any hint please?