Hi Guys,

Starting the discussion for the new box created by @thek

holy ■■■■, the box isn’t even close to be up and there already a topic on it, geez

it’s never too early for discussions…

Rooted. Easy. (Kidding, lol).

interesting title based on the history of the name.

I found the RCE, but I can’t get a shell yet, any hint??
Oh wait, the box isn’t released yet, nevermind. lol

letsss gooooo!!!

Lol relax ?

I found the local file inclusion, and dropped the backup, got user

i got the *****-***.p**

Hey guys, Just stop kidding, If any new guys saw the “Discussion” After words, They think all Real, lol, Let’s wait until release

well i guess nobody will create a discussion two days before any more.
anyways, 20 mins left, lets go

Let’s Gooooo!!!

Box released. Lets Go !

can anyone connect to the box? :))

The box is too Slow…

To me it’s work’s :astonished:

Super slow, but working. Have a feeling it is gonna be a reset-fest for a bit.

Right ^, got some resets and slow connection while trying to enumerate. Guess I will wait a little bit.

think i have some information, now where to use it… hmmm