Linux File Transfer Methods

Hello there, the question I’m stuck with is:

“Upload the attached file named to the target using the method of your choice. Once uploaded, SSH to the box, extract the file, and run “hasher ” from the command line. Submit the generated hash as your answer.”

I’ve SSH’d to the htb-student account and tried to run xfreerdp only to find it’s not installed in the pwnbox. I also tried doing the same xfreerdp thing through a VPN connection on my kali linux only for the terminal to become unresponsive.

I have no idea where to go, I clearly have no idea what to do: any push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

just use scp method to transfer the file ONCE you transfer it then ssh to the box. I don’t think you need xfreerdp for this one.

i dont recall reading the scp method :\

scp [file to transfer] [name of user]@[ip address]:[path to be copied on the remote]
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Figured it out! Thank you very much! I don’t know how I missed that segment the several times I scoured over the reading.

Have a great day! :smile:

no problem, here to help😄

ok, so i am uploading the file, I download the file onto my local machine and copy the text to a text file and then upload it with scp, i then run hasher and I get this hash
1219923e466ff7d194dc99a99da5b791 but it keeps marking it wrong???