File Transfers Module: How to extract on target machine?

On Page 3, Linux File Transfer Methods, one the second exercise wants me to upload archive to the target machine, extract it there and get the hash (flag):

Upload the attached file named to the target using the method of your choice. Once uploaded, SSH to the box, extract the file, and run “hasher ” from the command line. Submit the generated hash as your answer.

I can’t find a way to do this, as there are no programs to extract the archive on the target machine. No unzip, no 7z etc.

Of course I can unzip it on my attacker machine but as the exercise clearly wants me to upload the zip and extract it on the target machine, isn’t this cheating? Can you please give advice on how to unzip it on target machine, when I don’t have permissions to install additional SW to unzip it? Thanks.

Hey! Did you check the hint for that question? It tells you how to do it with gunzip.

oh I totally missed the hint :slight_smile: now I see it. Thanks

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Been there done that haha!! No problem.