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I have a question on the task #2:

“Upload the attached file named to the target using the method of your choice. Once uploaded, RDP to the box, unzip the archive, and run “hasher upload_win.txt” from the command line. Submit the generated hash as your answer.”

I was able to upload the archive only via RDP session itself - however this clearly violates the task. Can you please share other possible ways for uploading the file ?

Thank you and Best Regards

Use a web service like or Jirafeau

Thanks for the suggestion.

The module’s section describes several PS-based approaches (PowerShell File Uploads + Bitsadmin) in order to upload files. I tested but they do not seem to be working - did they work out for you ?

No, because I use the pwnbox and it is unreachable from my pc where I downloaded the zip. So I had to use that services

I just found a solution for us, you can’t upload files to the windows virtual machine in the usual way but we can indirectly upload the file to the windows server, what you need to do is:

  1. encode the file with the system you used to upload it using base64
  2. copy the base64 string you just got and use the following command at the parrot-htb virtual machine to get the original .zip file:
    echo <base64_value> | base64 -d -w 0 >
    3)you run http server service at parrot virtual machine
    4)RDP to the window virtual machine and download the file from the parrot virtual machine by the command in module
    ==> you got it

Hi i´m really stuck any hint please

That’s just the same as all the other solutions, in that your solution relies on RDPing to the Windows system before the file can get there, while the question was how to copy the file before RDPing…

Personally, I think that the instructions are leading people to an incorrect assumption, in that just because the second, post-upload instruction mentions RDP doesn’t mean that the first instruction can’t also involve RDP too…