FILE TRANSFERS - Windows File Transfer Methods


I’ve just completed the first task on the file ‘transfers modules’ titled ‘Windows File Transfer Methods’. Whilst i got through it, I think I might have missed the point on the second challenge so I’d be grateful for any feedback. The second challenge reads:

Upload the attached file named to the target using the method of your choice. Once uploaded, RDP to the box, unzip the archive, and run “hasher upload_win.txt” from the command line. Submit the generated hash as your answer.

I completed it by hosting a server on my Linux machine then RDP’ing onto the target windows box and downloading ‘’ onto the box. (The remaining unzipping and hashing part of the challenge was straightforward).

However, the question implies I should have uploaded the file to the target box first and THEN RDP’ed to the box. I just could not find a method to upload a file onto the box without first RDP’ing onto it.

Did I miss the point? Is there a way to upload the file before RDP’ing onto the box?

Thanks for any feedback in advance.