Windows attack & defense - AS-REProasting

Hello all,
I am wondering if anyone is having the same issue with using hashcat to get the password for “anni” … so far, I have used rubeus to get the hash for anni, changed the asrep.txt file by adding the “23$” like the hint says, but when i share the file to the linux machine and run hashcat, it says there is no “passwords.txt” dictionary file to match it to. I cannot connect to the linux machine via ssh so i was using the pownbox. If the issue is that i have to be connected to the linux machine where the “passwords.txt” file is stored, can anyone guide me on how to connect to kali via SSH

any help on this would be much appreciated, thank you!

i also stuck here, can not be able to transfer the file to kali. When do ssh kali@ip, getting port 22 refused error. Any help appreciated.

hey! I was informed to jump ahead to the section “Coercing Attacks & Unconstrained Delegation” and use those credentials. The passwords.txt will be in the home directory. Hope this helps!

hi bro, sorry for late reply but i been dealing with HTB support to fix the issue. in Linux machine go to file system and search for passwords.txt. you will get multiple files just copy them to desktop. Asrep.txt also should be on desktop (which ever location but all of them should be in same location). Then go to the location wherever you copy these files to in Linux terminal and do the hash cat. You won`t find password in passwords.txt file, but just try all the files with passwords in them and you will get it. Cheers