Windows Attack and Defense - Connection to Kali

Hi everyone,

I started in the HTB academy with Windows Attack and Defense, and I’m now in the kerberoasting part of it. Unfortunately, I don’t get how to connect to the Kali box.

At the end of the explanation, I have to answer some questions, and then I can start the target machines. I did it and got a 10… address. I connected to this address via RDP, but I don’t know how to go to Kali…

Any hint? I would be very grateful.


Hey there,

I had to reach out for help on this. You don’t need to actually connect to a kali box. Use the terminal on the pwnbox to use hashcat or John the Ripper, follow the screenshot in the module for the question. The wordlist in the hint is a bit off as you will need to use /opt/useful/SecLists/Passwords/Leaked-Databases/rockyou.txt : I recommend using John and not hashcat :wink: goodluck!

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I was wondering if anyone else is stuck at the asreproasting section. I have ran rubeus to output hash to file and then transferred it to the linux machine via smb. However, i still cannot connect to the kali linux box for some reason. I saw on here to just use the pownbox, but once i run hashcat, there is no file file in the pownbox named “passwords.txt” has anyone else ran into this issue? some guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!