Password Attacks - Skill Assessment


I am stuck in the medium skill assessment of this module. I have found the first user, then I found the second user and now I have trouble getting to root. I am enumerating the ■■■■ out of this machine but cannot find a hint to get to the last step. Any hint into the right direction would be great!


Solved it by now. Learned a new thing. You really need to look closely

Hi there, did you solve the “Password Attacks Lab - Hard” exercise? I tried to crack Johanna’s password, using different wordlists, with no success. Any ideas?


Got it! Thanx!

No problem, You are welcome.
Perhaps you could help me to solve a problem i am working on, That would be nice.
Here is the link. Hierarchial IP addressing scheme

Where did you get a hash? All I have ai far is the username. But could not brute force it for any servicd

I do not have a hash, As i am not working on this module so… Not sure how i can help at the moment i just thought perhaps hashcat would solve this. Hmmmmm… Seems like it did though because it looks like Kruemel found the solution.

Hey @kruemel what wordlist did you use to get an entry in the hard lab? I was trying so many services and wordlists and still could not get a foothold

well I got the password for user johanna, now lets see if I can crack this file she has

Hi there, sorry, I was off for a while. Yeah, I had a desparate ride to find the correct wordlist for Johanna, but now I’m stuck as well as cracking Johanna’s file. Did you manage to find the next wordlist for that one, too?

Yes I cracked the file. For once it’s not the classic wordlist. Try the others that you have lying around from this module. After that, there is the next cracking puzzle :slight_smile: (where I am on now)

Wasn’t patient enough to wait for John to finish. Too hungry for cookies :slight_smile:


I now made it completely through. This was a tough module!

I agree. Did the hard assessment, too, but wasn’t too hard at all. Password mutation drove me crazy :japanese_ogre:

Yeah mutations sucked, but after that is certainly got easier :slight_smile:

Hi… I’m stuck on the medium section. I’m wondering if I should use password mutation skill or using different wordlists any suggestions?

where are you stuck at exactly?

I’m stucked at medium too. I got even passphrase of second user but don’t understand how can I use it. Feels like i’m so close to the finish.

Got it. Very interesting.