Password Attacks Lab - Medium


I fell into a stupor when solving the cube, found the user “a…”, got the user “j…” and set the session, dug up all the files on the server, logs, history files and I can not find a thread in this tangle for 5 days already. Please tell me how to return your thread or share a link what knowledge you need to tighten up =( Thank you friends in advance.

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Hey, i’m in the same situation you were. Were you able to solve this? If so could you give a hint :slight_smile:

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Hi, the answer lies on the surface, I think it’s worth studying the document more carefully and how this application works, as soon as you get an idea, you will find your answer) Happy hacking, have fun)


My friend, I am sincerely glad that you succeeded) But in front of a difficult level, if you need a hint, write)

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hi there, any hint for root user ? i am logged as dennis.

Check this “miniwalkthrough” from @pavka here - Password Attacks Lab - Medium - #6 by pavka

There are rumors that there is a certain file in which there is a secret, and by opening it, you can access everything. when it dawns on you, you’ll find the answer.

Don’t overthink. All challenges are straightforward.

i find the ssh creds but i am not able to use root
can you help how can i able to fetch shadow and passwd