Password Attacks Lab - Medium

I am on the Password Attacks Lab - Medium and I am stuck getting started.

Nmap scan shows ssh and smb ports.

I am using hydra and the provided username.list and password.list with ssh but I am getting nowhere. No hits so far (has been running for hours now).

Any hints to nudge me in the right direction?

Edit: I see I can connect via smb to a share using the usernames a**** and d***** but I found those names in another thread on this forum. But I don’t know how I would have known those names without the forum.

Hey Drone2380,

I’m in the same situation as you. Have you figured it out? I would appreciate it if you are wiling to share any tips. Thanks in advance!

I didn’t go back to this once I had progressed so I never did find out the way people got the user names.

OK, thanks for your reply, mate

Btw, I have found out how they discovered all the usernames. When I looked back at the previous sections, I realized that there is a method that uses Metasploit. I tried it, and it provided me with all the usernames.

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someone get a hint. CME smb -u name -p password not working and i think i have to need the password for smb not ssh… any help?

I’m also struggling on this step. I figured out that you can’t bruteforce ssh because it doesn’t accept password login and with samba using the 3 mentioned tools (hydra, cme and metasploit) there is a password that triggers almost every user.

Still after trying all of these, nothing. Could somebody give a hint?