Password Attack Stuck on first section

I’m working on the Password Attacks module, but I’m stuck on the first section on cracking winrm, ssh, rdp, smb.

I got through the winrm by bruteforcing with username/password list, from there I got to PS and got list of users for smb and rdp (not sure how to get ssh user, but I think it has to be the rest left in all users)

However I used these users to try to brute force smb, rdp, ssh, non of the user/pass worked.

Right now I’m stuck and have no idea where to go from here, am I missing something?

nvm I solved it…
5 hour of hitting my head on the wall, completely wrong direction I was going

Hi bro,
I’m stuck the network section
I can not brute force username/password by wordlist from module!
any hints for that

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It didn’t ask you to use the wordlist in resources

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any hints for this section?

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What am i missing on the last two questions? I can login to the SMB share but don’t have rights to read anything, and so far 0 luck with the RDP service part…

NVM I got it figured out. Had to sleep on it…