Starting Point: VPN Connection

Hello, I am a total noob right now, but I need some help. I am new to HTB, and wanted to start the vpn. I have downloaded the “example.opvn” file, and then wrote in the terminal on my kali linux: sudo openvpn “example.opvn”. It started writing and writing and it already loads for 30 minutes without stopping. Sometimes it says: Initialization Sequence Completed. Does someone know what I have to do so I can go further?
Thank you

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in access, download yourname.vpn ; then: $sudo openvpn yourname.vpn;

I am new too, found this post on site!

I’m not sure if this has been answered yet but I literally just started today and was having the same issues. I found this step-by-step by HTB on how to connect to the virtual servers and it worked for me.