Cannot connect to HTB vpn

Hey all, I am a complete newb to this site as well as to anything like this. (I am trying my best to learn)

I am struggling to get connected to the vpn. When I select Starting point, and select Open VPN, nothing downloads. I get a readme file and that’s all. Here is the readme file I get.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to connect to the VPN. Help me please!

I would never recommend you share your private key on a public forum. No matter what it is used for.

Please refresh your private key and delete this post.

my bad.

It is not a problem, I would just not recommend it for your own safety.

If you download the VPN for Starting Point, then it should be an .ovpn file. Is it not?

No. All I am getting is the readme file to download each time. I get a message about entering a path/to/ message but even trying that it gives me an error message.

Can you summarize what you are doing to download the starting point vpn file? The steps I just did to check download:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the top-right on “Connect To HTB”
  3. Click on Starting Point → OpenVPN → Download VPN

I don’t know what you mean by a “readme” file, but I think you are downloading the correct file if you are downloading it the way I showed.

Done. I have tried those numerous times. It will not download anything or connect. It gives me a prompt to enter a specific item into my Terminal/console or to Select my .ovpn and select it as my preferred VPN gateway. I may just not know what I am looking at enough to even be learning on this site.

if you downloaded the file and it is in your Downloads folder, then you can just connect to the VPN by running the command:

openvpn FILE_NAME

Where you replace my placeholder filename to the filename of the .ovpn file.

That’s the problem. My browser is not actually downloading anything that I can actually use. What you saw at the very beginning before I edited this thread is literally all I downloaded. It would only open via the notepad application on my CPU.

Yes, but that is the .ovpn file. That is all that is needed. Do you have openvpn installed and even more in general, what operating system are you on?

That sounds like it may be my issue. I never downloaded the openvpn. I will have to hunt to find it. I am on windows 11 currently.

Yes, so that is the problem you are facing. The .ovpn file is just a configuration file for the OpenVPN program. It tells the OpenVPN program how to establish a connection with HackTheBox.

Secondly, I would really recommend that your first step is to install something called Kali Linux on a virtual machine. You can go on Youtube to find a tutorial on how to do that. While it is possible to hack entirely from Windows, I would not recommend it for beginners. A lot of this website will expect you to run Kali or another Linux operating system.

If you are a VIP subscription user, then you can also use the PwnBox. This is a machine that you can access in your browser. This machine is automatically connected to HackTheBox and requires no further configuration.