Starting Point Meow machine shows as active but cannot use/deactivate

The Meow machine in the Starting Point is showing as active in the top of the page, but there is still a green “Spawn Machine” button for the machine. I am unable to continue past the Spawn Machine requirement for the challenge, but I can’t spawn the machine, or deactivate the machine, so I’m stuck. I tried regenerating the VPN but that does nothing. I’m guessing my options are to let the machine auto-deactivate after the machine session expires or to get support to deactivate for me. When I try to Spawn Machine for Meow I receive the error message “You must stop your active machine before spawning another one.”.

Any idea how long it takes for the machine to auto-deactivate?
Also, what’s the best way to get support for issues like this?

I’m fairly new to HTB and didn’t see a good way to get support on the main site so I came here.

A few screenshots are posted below.

Any help is appreciated.

The machine was reset when I checked the next day.