Tier2 Archetype can't be spawned because it's already running?

Hi there,
not sure if this topic fits the category, sorry for that.

The first machine from Tier2 (Starting Point) has crashed after I switched from EU to US VPN.
And now I’m in a weird situation.
The status bar indicates, that the Machine “Archetype” is active.
But I can’t see any IP address and I’m told to spawn the machine.
If I click the button, it tells me, that there’s already a machine running.

You must stop your active machine before spawning another one.

As you can see in the picture attached, I’m not able to answer Task 2 and the following, as the task “Spawn Machine” is obviously not accomplished. Before the machine crashed I was able to do Task 1.

Stupidly I can’t reset the machine or shut it down…
Due to the running machine I’m not able to switch the VPN connection. I’ve also deleted all cookies, cache, loged off and on again, rebooted my Parrot OS VM and restarted all things I could restart.

Has anyone ever had the same problem? It would be great if this machine could be reset in any way to accomplish Tier2 ^^
Thanks in advance!