Unable to Spawn Machine

Hello everyone, I just started today and I seemed to have run into a problem that a lot of other people of had. I am currently trying to spawn a machine for Sequel Starting point module and it says that I already have an active machine and that I must “Stop my active machine before spawning another”. I tried resetting VPNs on my VM and pretty much resetting everything but the green ‘active’ does not go away. Anyone know what I can do to fix this? Thank you

Old post BUT… for anyone perusing this with the same question… Once you spawn a mchine - it is spawned on the remote server - not your computer. once you STOP the spawned machine… you will be able to respawn it or another one whether in your VM or on your host. Whether it’s spawned from your host or vice versa you won’t be able to spawn another from your VM or anywhere else until you stop the active machine from WHEREVER.