Error! You must stop your active machine before spawning another one

Hey everyone,

I am new to this community. I am having a problem which I can not solve on my own unfortunately. I would like to Spawn a machine. But I can’t spawn a machine. I am getting the error “Error! You must stop your active machine before spawning another one.” see Screenshot. I was trying to find if I have an Active Machine somewhere. But I could not find one. What can I do? :slight_smile:

I saw there is a post from Oct '21 from razevero (Can't stop active machine) where it was said to contact support. May I contact the support or am I doing something wrong here?

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I can see you are trying to do the second exercise of the starting point, are you sure the target machine from the Meow exercise (the first one) is down?

I am not sure it it works but you could try to log out and re-log in (if not already done) to despawn your machines.

Otherwise, yes, I would advise you to contact the support!

Good luck with that :+1:


thank you for your reply.

I checked on the previous exercise. The machine from the previous exercise (meow) was/is down.

This problem persists for about a week or so. I had logged out and remained offline for 4-5 days. This did not fix the problem either.

Unfortunately, I can not contact the support either because when I clicked on Contact Support in the menu a little window opened. But this window did not offer me the option to open a chat. I had all AdBlocks deactived. I tried with 3 different browsers.

What I did then was: I created a new account. Interestingly, I can indeed contact support from this new account. Spawning Machines works there too. :slight_smile:

Hello @intuitiv I got the same issue, how did you fix it?

Just got the same issue as well…

I also got it; has to be a tread . I’m stuck on dancing, I can’t spawn the machine.

If anyone has experienced this problem;
1 - Get back to the Meow section.
2 - Go to the Spawn Machine section.
3 - Press the red square right of the box.

Then you can continue with the next practice.