Error! You must stop your active machine before spawning another one

Hey everyone,

I am new to this community. I am having a problem which I can not solve on my own unfortunately. I would like to Spawn a machine. But I can’t spawn a machine. I am getting the error “Error! You must stop your active machine before spawning another one.” see Screenshot. I was trying to find if I have an Active Machine somewhere. But I could not find one. What can I do? :slight_smile:

I saw there is a post from Oct '21 from razevero (Can't stop active machine) where it was said to contact support. May I contact the support or am I doing something wrong here?

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I can see you are trying to do the second exercise of the starting point, are you sure the target machine from the Meow exercise (the first one) is down?

I am not sure it it works but you could try to log out and re-log in (if not already done) to despawn your machines.

Otherwise, yes, I would advise you to contact the support!

Good luck with that :+1:


thank you for your reply.

I checked on the previous exercise. The machine from the previous exercise (meow) was/is down.

This problem persists for about a week or so. I had logged out and remained offline for 4-5 days. This did not fix the problem either.

Unfortunately, I can not contact the support either because when I clicked on Contact Support in the menu a little window opened. But this window did not offer me the option to open a chat. I had all AdBlocks deactived. I tried with 3 different browsers.

What I did then was: I created a new account. Interestingly, I can indeed contact support from this new account. Spawning Machines works there too. :slight_smile:

Hello @intuitiv I got the same issue, how did you fix it?

Just got the same issue as well…

I also got it; has to be a tread . I’m stuck on dancing, I can’t spawn the machine.

If anyone has experienced this problem;
1 - Get back to the Meow section.
2 - Go to the Spawn Machine section.
3 - Press the red square right of the box.

Then you can continue with the next practice.

Thank you, clicking the red square worked. This is for any beginner: you might have connected to some machine accidentally. and that session remains running. Go to the machines menu tab and check if you are connected remotely to any instance or machines and press the red square next to the machine you are connected so it terminates the session and then you can spawn.