Can't stop active machine

Hi there.

I’m new to HTB. I’m sorry if this issue has been already discussed here, but I’ve only seen some unsolved discussions on Reddit about it.

Basically, I connected to Starting Point through OpenVPN and started the “Meow” machine, but, for any other reason, I’ve lost connection and had to re-open it. Again, connected through OpenVPN, when I click at “Spawn Machine”, it says that I have an already Active Machine, which is “Meow” , and that it must be shutted down first.

After trying to reboot my Virtual Machine, reset browser cache and everything, it still says that the Meow machine is currently active. The question is: How to shut it down? Is there any way to do it?


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I’m not in front of my computer right now but from my memory at the top of the module where you click spawn machine there should be a red button that shows “close” or “stop” machine. I remember it being by the spawn button but I’d have to take a look.

Well, I’m the beginner too. A few days before, I met the same question. So I got in touch with the human customer service of this site and he helped me turn off the stuck machine. Maybe you can also try contacting customer service.

This error is misleading: The active machine is the one on the HTB server that you are attacking, not your own VM. Just go to the “Meow” machine in your browser and click the stop button: