Seting kali on fusion/mackbook air keyboard


The question seems to be quite simple but I ve been struggling a couple of hours on it.

I’m running a macbook air M1, french keyboard and I’m unable to send pipe (and others backslash…) commands to my guest kali linux machine.

I tried almost everything I found on fusion or on the guest host unsuccessfully.

If any one as a solution this will be helpfull.

I remenber having fix the issue on ubuntu machines years ago but this time i’m stuck with the issue.

NB Unfortuantely HTB Parrot is not yet available for ARM64 M1.


I tried to info-gather more about your problem and idk why the french keyboard does not have the pipes and backslashes on its own, but anyway:
first solution: Don’t be french
second solution or solutions:

Hope it helps

P.S if it doesn’t help well you will find out that chatgpt is your new best friend