Backlit Keyboard

So I have this issue. I bought a backlit usb keyboard Kuiyn T6. It said it would not work with a mac but I wanted to try anyway. I am on a macbook pro with kali only on it no other os or firmware. Boot straight to kali. So when I put xset led on in the terminal the keyboard lites. The issue is it lights for only like 5-10 seconds and then turns off. While it is on the scroll lock is lit. How can I get it to come on and stay on? Any Ideas

200 iq solution: create a cronjob that runs every 5 seconds.

Seems like it’s waiting for some follow-up signal which it never gets and turns off after a timeout. Measure the time it takes and see if it’s consistent, if so it’s probably something like that.

Very unfortunate for me as I was going to make a thread titled “Suggestions for Backlit Keyboard.” Lol. I don’t want to make anything too similar. Unfortunately I can’t help with your issue but hopefully some others read this - I use a Filco Ninja Majestouch 2 Tenkeyless and absolutely love it. I live in Austin, TX, home of Das Keyboard, and own one of theirs as well. I love both, but I love the FIlco more. As I’m starting to work later and later into the early-mid morning hours, even with a lamp on, my vision starts to get blurry/skewed in a way and, should the need arise, need to look down at my keyboard for whatever reason (special character, etc.). I’m looking into getting a backlit keyboard from Filco or another highly touted manufacturer (no gaming keybaords) that uses Cherry MX Brown switches. Would prefer tenkeyless. Any recommendations?

so weird solution I found by accident. I plugged a 4 into 1 usb block in and plugged it into that and it now works fine. But if I plug it straight into the computer…No good. Weird but hey a solution is a solution.