Can I / Should I run Parrot OS 5.3 on Apple Silicon for Labs and Academy

I was stuck in learning loops and realised I need to do the work. HTB labs is as close to that as I’ve found so far, so I’m fully committed. I’d like to run Parrot OS locally for Academy and Labs and use it day to day for everything as my main OS. My photography workstation is a well spec’d Mac Mini with Apple Silicon. I ran into problems trying to do this with Kali, wasted way too much time and resorted to using an old x86 laptop which isn’t much better than Pwnbox.

I don’t want to go down another rabbit hole and waste more time - is this a waste of time? Are their folks here running Parrot OS 5.3 and tools on ARM / Apple Silicon and being able to hack most boxes and do academy work?

Trying to get Parrot OS to work on your Mac Mini with Apple’s chips can be tricky since it’s built differently from most computers, leading to potential compatibility issues with hacking tools. However, there’s a simpler route: using a virtual machine or Docker to run Parrot OS or its tools on your Mac. This way, you won’t have to deal with the direct installation headaches, and you can still dive into your cybersecurity learning and practice. Plus, the community is always updating and sharing new tricks, so keep an eye out for those, and don’t shy away from asking for help in forums or groups. This approach keeps your focus on learning without the tech setup slowing you down.


Excellent advice. Alas I did waste an hour or two installing with UTM thinking that it would convince tools I installed, that the hardware was x86.

After reading your post, I setup docker on my old laptop and can now run tools like gobuster from CLI on whatever machine I’m on.

Good to know this is an active community. I’m old school, preferring forums to discord. Discord is great for chat but not so great for researching or longer posts in my experience. I’ll keep an eye out here for updates and tricks and hope to become an active contributor.

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