Reference Material

I would like to further my knowledge in cyber security/hacking, so I would like to ask the community for their input on reading material.

There’s almost an issue of there being TOO MUCH information out there.

Here’s a couple things that might help you get started:

  • TheCyberMentor’s Udemy course. Not free, but he usually has a coupon on his twitter account. He starts with the basics for every subject so it’s a great starting point for learning new areas of pentesting. From there’s you’ll have a better foundation to learn from additional sources.
  • PWK/OSCP reviews. Most of these are packed with learning resources, links and pointers.
  • Just recommended this to someone else, this person has some really cool writeups:
  • ippsec youtube channel. I would work through all of his HTB videos.
  • VirtualHackingLabs: Most expensive option, but still way cheaper than PWK. The learning materials are fairly easy to understand and well written. The labs have a good range of difficulty - the easy machines are great confidence builders if you’re at the level where you’re just learning how to use the basic tools.

Like @hva said, a good way to learn is to look at write ups or videos walkthroughs of retired machines on here and see how someone else completed them.

Also I’ve started putting together some videos explaining various Windows related topics (can’t help with Linux stuff though I’m afraid). Might be of some use to you:

Other than that, just pick a topic you want to learn more about and get googling. There isn’t really one central location you’re going to find all the info on every topic. You need to search around and dig into specific things you want to learn about