Kinda new to HTB


I’m still kinda new to HTB and I’ve only done 1 box and been a member for 600+ days and I’m wonder if you know any good place to learn besides cybrary because they made a lot that use to be free now paid.

I have looked around and havn’t really found much besides paid stuff so I’m wonder if there is anything free like cybrary was or not.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Google a lot because a lot of the topics are covered by posts on Medium and personal blogs.

The variety of topics is so great that its hard to say “read this person’s posts” - it depends entirely on what you want to learn and where you want to start.

Work on HTB boxes. Just try. Dont feel put off because you dont know what to do. Most people dont know what to do when they first approach a box and learn on the fly.

Work on retired boxes so you can follow a walkthrough. Pick one of the retired boxes you have access to and simply follow the walkthrough exactly as it is. Then reset it and try again without the walkthrough.

Watch ippsec’s YouTube videos. Words can’t do justice to how good a resource this is.

Read the writeups for retired boxes. Even if you cant do the box, read the steps the person has completed and add it to your own personal inventory of tactics.

Now there is a huge caveat around this. What I have said will make you better at HTB and other CTFs. It won’t necessarily make you a better pentester, so if that is your end goal, you probably need to find a way to invest in some paid training.

(IMHO - CTFs are a good place for pentesters to practice a particular skill but they are very different from actual pentests, so they can make good pentesters better but they aren’t a good way to become a pentester. Just to be clear, I am not a pentester, so I am open to arguments on this :smile: )