New user looking for books and new resources.

Hey guys new to hack the box, been lurking and decided to go pro. I’ve not long picked up the cyber security bug (again) so was wondering if there are any resources around. I have pentesterlab pro which I can recommend the simple basics are basic but they are taught well as well as some more advanced topics.

I bought a bunch of books as well is there more that I can add to the list?

The hackers playbook 3
The web application hackers handbook
Hacking the art of exploitation
RTFM red team field manual
Pen testing a hands on guide to hacking

I also got Kali Linux revealed but I’m not sure how much use I will get out of this because I don’t actually use Kali or parrot, much prefer arch Linux due to years of use. Any thoughts on this? Is this a mistake? I ask because I can get all the tools from black arch repos or AUR If needed and I’m not at all familiar with Kali or parrot and things tend to not work for me

Did my first box lame took me 3 hours tryna get parrot to work before I gave up and did it on arch in less that 15 mins!

Major shout out to @ippsec man I gotta tell you it’s your videos that had me back wanting to do this kind of thing after years of avoiding it! Your videos are amazing and I am a huge fan of yours. So just wanted to say thank you!

I would strongly recommend doing a bit of google hacking - I found loads of information in google drive and As the links are on another machine, I quickly did a simple search and found this

Of course you should buy the books, blah blah.

Black Hat Python: Python Programming forHackers and Pentesters by Justin Seitz

Thanks guys will definitely look into that i got a bunch of books using google but they tend to be hard to read on mobile etc so prefer hard copies.

My honest honest advice is to buy a subscription on pensterlab and start watching Ippsec hackthebox videos. Start with the *unix easy ones playlist.

The best you can learn is by practicing. Theory is also really important. For me, studying and getting CompTIA Secuirty + gave me a fair baseline of what security is about. Probably CEH would give the same feeling.

I have pro on pentesterlab already I spent a number of years in hardware repair and Unix isn’t a struggle for me tbh although I enjoyed the Unix badge immensely and ippsec videos are by far my favourite

I’m going to do the retired boxes with their respective walkthroughs for practical use and obviously keep reading more thanks for the reply!