Absolute newbie

So, basically, the only thing I know how to do in hacking is, obviously, getting an invite code like was required to get in here. Other than that, I know literally nothing about hacking, cybersecurity, or anything else like that under the sun.

My question is: Where can I go to learn outside of a school (I’m currently in college but my computer forensics class hasn’t come up yet), who could I talk to, and what channels on youtube can I look into? I’m wanting to get started on this path as a hobby and possibly a profession.

I appreciate any replies and comments, my PMs are open as well.

IPPSEC’s videos on youtube are amazing. Other than that you could read others’ writeups. The problem (and also the beauty) in “hacking” is that you always need something else :slight_smile: (okay not literally always but very often) Therefore the broader and deeper your knowledge becomes the better you’ll get.

IMO some absolutely necessary knowledge (or more like knowledge that’s always required) is basic networking, deep unix, some windows/powershell, decent and fluent, deep knowledge in at least a few programming languages, and a sh#*!tload of ‘searching’/googling affinity/knowledge. Python is very much recommended too as it can make your life that much easier many times.

If you have these and you take up some of the methodology / basic skeleton-structure of what IPPSEC is doing I think you’re looking at a great start :slight_smile:

I appreciate the quick reply, I’ll look into what you suggested. I also just found a site called “Hack This” that has, so far, started on extremely basic HTML username/password solving. It’s helping me begin to think outside the box with every level by using a little bit of the previous level’s ideas and then slamming you to a stop as you realise it isn’t the exact same problem.

i was at same boat with you first i learned some sqli then webapp vuln (LFi , RFI ,CVEs) then the real ■■■■ begin once i created HTB accounts and i always keep asking for help and keeping notes till i built some knowledge, and IPPSEC was my sensei I learned so much from him

Looks like I’ll end up having to learn some languages

Can somebody help me

@etihW0rM said:

Can somebody help me

Probably. It depends what help you want.

If it is a for a specific machine, you should ask the question on the thread for that machine.

Same with challenges etc.

If you are willing to spend a few bucks I can recommend TCM’s courses on Udemy, if you search Heath Adams you will find them