New here and to hacking just having some few questions

Hi guys! As the title explained, im new to hackthebox, and i am new to hacking, but i find it very interesting to learn about IT -security specially coming from a front-end dev background.

I just wanna ask a few questions really!

How do you learn stuff? more like where do you go to learn, also ofc if you are like me that learn by doing, please share me some advices :slight_smile:

Also these challenges on the site, i didnt get it, i need to download the software, that part i did get.
but when u start the challenge was a bit confusing do i need to download it or whats up ? maybe i’ll get it on my own eventually but i figured i ask anyway

As for how you participate, I’m assuming you got the invite code since you’re here. You need to go to the ‘access’ page and download your openvpn configuration. Follow the instructions and you’ll be on the network. Then you just pick a box from the active machines (or retired if you’re VIP) and you’ll see the IP.

On the machines page, you’ll see a column called ‘Expiry’. If it says ‘click to start’, then click there and a few seconds later the machine will be online. If you have no idea where to begin or what to do once you’re online and can at least ping a machine, you will want to watch a walk through of a simple machine, or pick up a pentesting/hacking book/course.

Nearly everything was said above me. For learning I would recommend you start with free stuff, like youtube videos (the cyber mentor, hackersploit, nullbyte, ippsec etc) or simple google your questions. If you are sure that this stuff is fun for you, I would think about looking into some books and courses. These things can be quite expensive, but often times you find cheap ones with nearly the same stuff.