Struggling to start following some of the write-ups

Sorry for my ignorance on the subject. I have tried to search around but still struggling with these.

  1. Is there any tutorial (preferably video) on very first steps for newbies who want to use and learn Hack the box.
  • How to connect to a machine on HTB
  • What vpn configuration I need, Can I connect from my windows box etc

Basically the very first steps anyone with little knowledge on the subject like me needs.

  1. Most of the write-ups I find are usually for the VMs that are retired. For example, following write up about Bounty I find useful and want to follow but I could not find that VM.

I am very new trying to learn all this stuff. Your help will be much appreciated.

What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Welcome to the community!

@Rayvenhawk Thank you so much for such a detail reply. Its very helpful. May I ask few follow up questions. I see that my account has access to a server but in the details its showing an IPv4 address and IPv6 of 0::. My questions
a) Is this the only VM accessible to me or I can choose any other VM?
b) How can I know which VMs could be better for a beginner like me to start with?
c) Given the ip address assigned to machine for my account, it doesn’t look normal. What do I need to do proper ip for connecting to the machine?

Once again thanks a lot for your help.