Further learning

Now there might be other discussions on the same subject, however I’m making this one to ask a question :slight_smile:

For a guy who does not have any degree within IT, neither got any job experience within anything close to it. Would getting a course on Udemy ( for example) on IT management, or something similar help me in the field of hacking? If so, do you have any tips for what I should study? I want something spot on here :slight_smile:

I guess go get your OSCP then get a job. Call it Pen Testing rather than hacking.

I’ve worked in IT for 15 years and people don’t care about degrees or diplomas. It’s really do they have experience? A hard to get certificate would definitely help.

OSCP is good stuff and modestly priced compared to other security certs out there. It’s also far more practical based than many of the other sec certs which are more oriented at process and theory (boring but important for working in a company).

I’d avoid certs and courses with management in the title, they’re typically less oriented with practical application, and yes, focused on management.

I’d recommend getting some kind of IT job, it’ll be more beneficial than spending that 8 hours a day doing something unrelated. Most jobs have some kind of IT side to it, maybe you can leverage your current job knowledge to switch sides? Without formal experience I’m betting you’ll have to start at entry level… but once you have experience things start to snowball.

In my experience, it’s easier to get some kind of contract gig than a full time job. A good way to get those notches on your belt.

To get into IT (or any skilled job) you need some kind of evidence (work history, cert, or recommendation), and getting that overnight probably won’t happen, but it can happen. A good way to break in is with a beginner cert, or lacking a cert, flesh out your resume with your self-learning projects: HTB, git, hackerrank, etc, start applying for jobs, keep hacking, and don’t give up. Hiring managers can pick up on your enthusiasm and respect your self-motivation.

Certs to consider: ccna, a+, network+, sec+

Good luck!

thank you both, I will take all of this into my consideration :smiley: