Problem with Base64

So im following IPPSecs walkthrough for irked and he gets to a point where he finds a file, base64 encodes it and then pastes into a vi file on his kali machine and then base64 decodes it to find out how it runs.

I have followed his steps and vi the file on my kali but then when I try to base64 -d it I get the error base64: invalid input.
I have tried googling it and can’t find an explanation.

Is there something else I could do instead of base64?


You’ve probably copied and pasted it along with some special non-base64 characters. Typically it’s a trailing newline or other whitespace characters elsewhere, in my experience.

Awesome, ill give it a play with and hopefully can get it sorted.

Tried it out and still no go… just used scp instead. Thanks though.