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Good luck to everyone tackling this insane machine today!

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I wish the same, may the wisdom of 1337 shine upon all of you :heart:


My first Insane box!
Let’s see what all the fuss is about. GL everyone.



Good luck guys. Anyone would like to brainstorm this box hit me up on Discord.


Is their anything related to x file in the s**?

Could be something with LDAP


is here anyone to talk about enum ? DM me please, i have some findings, but one enum tactic doesn’t work for me and it will be nice to talk about that with someone :slight_smile:


Finally got user flag. Don’t think too much when you’re at the infamous 2fa junction and got stuck. Just go with the easiest approach.

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Can I send you an IM with a question about that part?

Can we decrypt the file from shares?

None of the timestamps are valid: GMT, PST (directly from SMB, git repositories and them source code), ±week from them, and even -1.5 years from current time. None of them.


I verified that the random number generator produces the same results on different compilers (.NET Framework 4.7.2). Also I successfully decrypted my own file.

I don’t see any other entry point. Am I wrong?

decrypting file from smb share is a way to go.yes

You’re on the right way. Just use local time and not GMT when converting file’s timestamp, and no milliseconds. In my case it was exact timestamp without adding or removing extra seconds.

yea I’m in the same spot. flat string, regex, char list all work fine on a test file. the test file was made from things taken from other places to be sure things are consistent. no ms in the stamp before conversion. I’ve given it a year on either side as well.

Ye, we can - just a wrong assumption in my implementation of the decryptor that the content is readable text. So, I used a StreamReader to read a cryptostream and didn’t understand for a long time what was wrong.

how long does it take to crack the kdb? or is it crackable?

Anyone I can DM for root flag?

You don’t crack it.

The thing you get after decryption is all you need…just unzip and look at everthing. kpcli is your friend

any help on priv escalation ? stuck on root flag