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any hints on this challenge?

I have updated the challenge. One step from the encryption has been updated as, in some cases, the original text was unrecoverable.

Also the content of output.txt has been updated as the flag originally contained one empty space in the beginning.

Is the flag broken or something? I think I managed to recover the flag (format and everything) but it won’t validate. Could I DM someone to check the flag/my code?

You can DM me in our official discord server, Im Xh4H#3900

Figuring out ESwapChar() caused me physical pain. I hate bitwise logic. I was initially thinking something like “don’t those operations throw away data” for and/or etc… then some guy told me:

“that function just does some operations on the upper and lower bits of the number and puts them back in the opposite order”
and my eyes were opened.

This is what I made to work myself through the bits. If you use this I recommend hiding the bottom half and trying to craft it yourself.