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found a file, but it seems to be damaged or incomplete. Can’t seem get any info out of it. Is this a rabbit hole? any hints?

How did you get that file?

So ive managed to find a file full of pages obfuscated text from a .pdf , completly at a loss now as what to do. Any poke in the right direction please?

Did you ever finish this?

Try base 64 and then use a program like ghostscript.

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Any help on how to even start this? the port changes every time I reset the machine so I don’t think its related to the port itself. I tried SSH, NC, CURL, PRT but no luck whatsoever. With PRT I tried ps, pjl, pcl modes and nothing worked. Any hints welcome.

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for the love of god please give us a hint :smiley:

Can anyone offer a starting point/hint or just something to get me going on this one…it’s absolutely breaking my mind :sweat_smile:

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For those struggling with this challenge, you need to communicate with the printer in a language that it understands. Maybe an exploitation kit specifically for printers??


Really fun challenge. Once you get the file with a renowned exploitation tactic you just need a bit of spooky conversion to get the flag. DM are always open :slight_smile:

but why 64?

I have the doc but I can’t figure out what to do next. I put the entire doc into cyberchef with from base64 but got nothing.

Look into other interpreters for the likes of PDF files retrieved from printers. ||:ghost:||

I’m stuck at GPL Ghostscript 9.53.3: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1

Interesting, as that was one of my last step and with different flags and it worked. I’ll run through it again.

thanks but why base64?