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Ben the zoo keeper or David the aquarist could probably read it, but they’d have to ask their friend to interpret it.

I def get this I love the hint took me a few minutes and a glance at a r****e tank to get it luckily I have one

so say one has gotten past all the gobbeldy gook or whatever you call it and arrived at a situation where the base64 needs to be written to file.

I did this and even have the correct magic bytes in the beginning of the file is just complaining about

end-of-central-directory record claims this
is disk 49135 but that the central directory starts on disk 61373; this is a
contradiction. Attempting to process anyway.

can some one give me an idea as to whether I am on the right track or if I just saved the bytes to file incorrectly?

I tried to use binwalk and have an empty file So I am wondering basically whats going on

can someone bump this to frolic I meant to post that there but was on my vm and made a mistake due to screen size I thought I was posting to that thread I didn’t mean to start a different thread for a frolic question

disregard After speaking with the zookeeper and obtaining the write bytes I now need a password for a certain file game on

Laemoen on whles

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Laemoen on whles

I emnant l, laemon