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I’m completely new to doing Windows machine especially AD machine. I’ve obtained the .p** file but don’t know how to use it. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Edit: Found the way. Gained user access. Now moving to root. :smiley:


Hi, I am stuck on User and just wanted to know if I am on the right way. I’ve also got the .p**-File and the other .p** file as a result, then tried doing it with P*-R*******, but I get an error. Am I stuck on a rabbit hole?

Edit: Tried it with R******, but I get a C*****_N**_T*****-Error, can anyone help

User: John I mean Peter do you love SM… I mean me?? Da*it I can’t seem to get this line right
Root: One thing about History is that it if you dont learn from it you must repeat it


Ok. Got it … can now execute commands as s*c_d*****y…but still stuck. any nudge?
SeIncreaseWorkingSetPrivilege is interesting but cannot bypass the defender.

Finally rooted! Be careful with some special character :wink:

Rooted, pretty laid back box. :slight_smile:

And, rooted. This was a nice easy box. Thank you @d4rkpayl0ad
user: look at what you have and the usual tool should work
root: you saw it earlier, now is the time to use it.


Can you give me some hint on what to do with .p** file. I am stuck on it.


Hi all
im a beginner and im really finding it hard to get into this box (timelapse) ive managed to get the name and the domain but I cannot get passed the webpage any small hint or tool would be appreciated
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Found the .p** file and was able to discover one of the user names but have not been able to move on from there. Any nudges?

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Forget it - didn’t pay attention to the box being rebooted and changing IP. Great way to waste your life away :smiley:

I’m in the exact same spot, I was thinking maybe the cert has something to do with what’s in the name of the zip file…but so far no luck (tried it several times).

I found several Users + the one you are probably talking about. Also got the 2 passwords, the .p**-File, decrypted it to a normal ***-Key but dont know what to do now. Can anyone give me a hint?

EDIT: Im in with the the thing that has to do with the name of the zip file. Lets see whats going on now!


Got so frustrated with perspective.htb for 4 days now … (still no user!)
Had a break with timelapse.htb → user.txt within 20 minutes :wink:
Nice and easy one ; thanks d4rkpayl0ad for the mental break! It feels good! Now back at perspective.htb :wink: :wink: :wink:

I’ll do root some other time

Can anybody give me a hint on how to root after i got access via to ly with e-w****? I tried winPs but its not executable. :thinking:

something like .bash_history… but for Windows…


Do you mean the CH_H**.t**? I copied the steps but i feel like i dont know where to look up what is done there.

i can run commands as s**_d***** though…

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Any tips on how to do the W**R* authentication? I get a “MI_RESULT_ACCESS_DENIED” error.

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