Official Escape Discussion

Official discussion thread for Escape. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

And me here expecting for port 80 :laughing:

Good luck everyone, I hope this machine will be fun :heart:

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Another lovely machine completed, my last missing medium and first windows one

Most part of the time I spent searching for tools, but it didn’t take so long to find the exploits, even with it being a mostly new environment. My best hint is: forge your way to admin

But as always, if anyone ends up stumbling with this one, just send me a message, R is always here :heart:


Can you give some hints?

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Of course, I replied your dm :heart:

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Hi!, can you give me some hints too?

Surely, just tell me where you are and I can readily give you a hand :heart:

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Finally rooted this box! Getting user is very easy but root got me to learn some new stuff and took quite a while (mainly cuz needed to find/build tools for the PE).
If anyone needs any help feel free to PM me :smiley:

any hint for me bro !!!

I’ve sent some hints in PM. :wink:

Pwned the machine! PM for any hints

If someone could give some hints… I’m stuck with some usernames, cant go any further :confused:

sure :slight_smile: send a DM

Any hints with the credential ? :slight_smile:

pretty good box. I learned at least one new thing. DM me if you need help

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Hi, could you give any hint?

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Rooted! Nice machine I liked it!
Anyone stuck can DM , will try to help…

P.S. For those who have pwned the Machine, anyone that want to discuss about the last PE?

You should search for a way to capture it :heart:

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Absolutely, I will reply every message in some minutes :heart:

Got user flag. Any hints on the privesc would be greatly appreciated.