Official Secret Discussion

Official discussion thread for Secret. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.


Let’s get this started :slight_smile: Curious what kind of a secret this could be.

■■■■ 7 minutes …now I feel dumb…


Anyone wants to teamup for this machine ? I got a few hints but now I’m stuck. Feel free to pm me here or on discord thebabeu#1709


I got a shell as the user but Im stuck on the privilege escalation…

Got user shell and stuck at root too. Any hint?

I’m completely stuck on foothold. Have no idea what I’m supposed to do here. Any hints?

hey! i copied machine ip and opened in browser and got nmap scan too… but any how to get user register… localhost:3000 not opening…
i have no idea about npm and nodejs only a littlebit…!
please help only few hints would be enough… got some exploit but dont how to use them!

guys ! i got the nmap scan and some vulnerabilty… but can anyone tell me that how do access localhost:3000 as machine says for registering user?
Any hints are Welcomed… please i am stuck !

can you ping me on Rel0ad#0158 on discord

ok right away

sent a friend request…

Any hint about API password?

did u access localhost?

I know the path to get a reverse shell in the localhost but firstly I need to get the admin password.

i sit here hours for hours and have no plan how to get a shell. can someone give me a tip via PN?

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On the website you can download the source code. Check it out in detail


yea…, it contain all js code used

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thx, then i am on the right way. i already downloaded the file and check out the files. oh man, very hard for a total noob like me. :joy:

they are not so usefull or maybe i dont know yet!