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Official discussion thread for CozyHosting. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Hello Hello…

good luck to all

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rooted - send pm if you need help


That was fun. Good luck everyone!

Hey DeeKay911, nice to see u here !

Arsenal better than Manchester :joy:


If anyone wants hints dm me.

Hi!, If anyone could message me some hints what to do once you find the service the application is built on it would be greatly appreciated

if anyone can help with a nudge after you get into the admin page ? thanks!!

Anyone give help once getting to the admin page? I know what vulnerability it is however I have tried so many lines and nothing so far

Any hint for lateral movement?

send me dm

If you want to, you can dm me.

Bruh, spoilers. :joy:


If anyone can give me some help with getting the shell, I have access to admin page and know the vulnerability but the vulnerability is not displaying the output I am wanting it to and instead constant error messages. Any help would be great cheers

Don’t know how to get the user, can anyone give us a hint?

I’ve got a foothold

Try to construct some errors and observe the various outputs

Interesting easy box.
Foothold was a little confusing, but once I got the shell it was straight forward.

any hint for josh