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I’m a bit stuck, got to the m******on notice but haven’t been able to get a foothold. Any tips?

the m******on notice
i think i know what you mean. do some further recon and enumeration and see if you can find the new one and do your normal web enum again.

i’ve gotten a foothold but and struggling to find a way to elevate to user from w**-***a.

edit: and yes i’ve noticed that .oddly placed thing that gets highlighted by one of the usual scripts. is that the track i should be following?

I’ve got www-data shell.


I am in the same boat as you. been stuck for 5 hours or so

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PM me if you need help for foothold, www-data. Might give a nudge…

Hi there i have been stuck on www-data for long too. (2 hours probably) .Can anyone PM me for a nudge how to continue

got user. stuck at root. Found a weird hint somewhere on the box but that’s it.

care to give a nudge on moving from foothold → user? pm if you’d be so kind

are you still stuck? I think i may have found something… fast forward. I got user flag. something i found hour 2 and just didnt look :slight_smile:

I’ve got user, stuck at root. somethings *****n scripts not work .Still stuck.
Any tips ? thanks.

the only thing i found was in the mail. ive been going after the “strange behaviour with the ***** service” but havent had much luck. im either looking to hard or not hard enough.

not sure if i missed anything in the mail, but my take from the mail is that’s a dead end. it sounded to me like it was explaining why the login is ******1

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This is my first box and first post.

I’m stuck trying to get a foothold. Any tips on getting access?
I’ve seen some vulnerabilities but unsure how to execute them

I got user, trying to find the way to root. no luck so far… :thinking:

I’m having a little trouble with the foothold myself. I’ve got the s****.********.htb but stuck there. Thanks!

Got user fairly easily and can see route for root but missing a step. Could anyone that has rooted DM me a hint?

Any hint for the first foothold?

hi, for foothold, you will find on enumeration an interesting path and digging through a way to get in to the box

That was a lot of fun, but I think I skipped a step in the middle there lol