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Official discussion thread for Driver. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.


Nice to see people are still using the forums these days.

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Anyone have luck with this?

anyone can help, hard stuck on the foothold, i know that there is upload section in the site but i cant understand where the uploads goes from there…

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I’m at the exact same point and really can’t see the way forward haha

foothold: there is a hint right there, something about stuff banned for children everywhere, so go from there and find out what you can upload to exploit one doing it

Nice machine. I learnt something new

For the people stuck on the foothold - revise your nmap scan and results. Its out there you just need to know what you looking for.

Well I guess I don’t really know what I’m looking for ^^.
The web page strongly hints at a recent vulnerability, and some results show that it may very well be exploitable, but it requires some credentials and I have none…
I’m guessing I have to use the upload form to trigger something, but can’t figure it out…

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This is quite a challenge for an easy box.

It’s Windows, so your favorite php reverse shell won’t work. Better to look closely at the clues though and try something a little different.

Root is where you finally get to put it all together. Try resetting the box if it gives you trouble.

Nice box. The foothold was something I hadn’t seen before, but quite simple to execute. Privesc relates to something recently famous, which was cool to see in action.

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This box was fun. Like a lot of other folks, I learned something new with this machine.

Feel free to PM for hints on a foothold and rooting.

Good box, learnt something new.

Foothold: If usual methods don’t work, try alternative options? There’s a good hint further up this forum

Root: It should be pretty obvious by the time you’re here where you need to take it

Pretty fun box. Always good to do something current. Plus haven’t seen that foothold for a while. Feel free to dm for nudges

…and rooted !
Nice easy one (for once, easy means easy, which is cool !!) :wink:
PM if stucked
Thx for the box !

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Very nice machine, although I hadn’t been aware of this way of gaining a foothold and had been stuck until I saw @cmoon 's hint. It was a definite “wait, you can do what?” moment for me.

Straight sailing from there :slight_smile:

Now that foothold was dope AF! Learn something new everyday on this platform.


hi can you give me a tinny little hint so I can solve this box

I learnt new atack vectors. User part is like " what is the name of this box and can i use only reverse shell ". Root part is like " proceed by default something will drive you crazy. "

This was a really cool box that I learned a lot from. Really loved this one as I didn’t have to know much about Windows Specifics that much. Great box for beginners like myself. If you get stuck, I am here to help.

ROOTED! Great box! User was very interesting. Use the hints already provided in this forum. Take what nmap gives you, use some good GoogleFu…or use the ired blog for how to actually do the attack. As far as Root, just dump it. I think i’ve said too much already so MODS feel free to blurr this out if I have. PM for nuggets. :wink: