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Official discussion thread for EarlyAccess. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

So… anyone catch any fish lately?

just get into the game. some payload doesn’t work for the initial foothold but works locally. not too sure why. What a fun journey! Thank you!

Got a Reverse Shell, however I could need a hint from foothold user to root/escalation if that is the next step EDIT: Got second user in the container and a password, but still no idea how to use it

What is this? Right when I was about to get container user it just quit working? “An error has occured”? Excuse me? What error? Did you guys take it offline to patch the “unintended route”? Could you just please stop with the constant churn of hard boxes that you don’t thoroughly test? This is so frustrating. I can barely load the site in a VM because it’s so bloated. This site is not what it was a year or two ago. Cancelling my subscription. Enough is enough.

@SN1CK3RDO0DLE I’m stuck at the same point. Did you make any progress?

Do we have to create a valid Game-Key ? Because locally is valid but not on website…

Check the note next to the magic_num, it will vary on the server so you have to account for that

Done. What a fun ride. Thanks @Chr0x6eOs for the box!

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I have not even a user and already learned a lot on this machine.

Agree with @camk, really enjoyed this one @Chr0x6eOs

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Yea man, this box was a ride. Thanks you.

Any hints for the foothold…?

Rooted, this box really hard a lot of exploitation involved in this box, but I enjoyed doing it.

My favorite HTB machine thus far. There was just so much great stuff in it and Chr0x6eOs deserves trumendous credit for setting up this adventure. It is not often that you get a single box with multiple containers running on 3 different subnets, and an actual realistic plot “narrating” the action. It was one of those few boxes, where even after getting root I still went back to look at different set-up scripts and how they all actually worked together. Finally, we also got an actual game of snake, where I personally spent at least several hours. Take note everyone: You want to slow down the progress of a cyberattack or prevent thermonuclear war? Put a game of tetris inside a frame on your site. “Shall we play a game, Dr. Falken?”

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Rooted! DM is open for hints

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i could not found the foofhold.
I found three pages, manipulated username, tried to change username on dev, but nothing.
Can you give me any clue

Any hint on how to get the game-key?

Anyone available to answer a quick question about the “validate” portion of this box?

What a trip! I finally managed to get root, but I had several knots in my brain during this trip… Nevertheless, one of the most exiting boxes I made so far! Kudos to @Chr0x6eOs for this machine!

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