Official Response Discussion

Official discussion thread for Response. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.


How is it going?

Stack on user… Have to digest for a bit and get some new ideas.

I am not able to get the hashes with Responder… someone has the same issue? I am using the VPN.

How the â– â– â– â–  is this technology even working, not much info online on how to forge or recreate or decode this stuff, any nudges?

Still hanging on the digests…no clue on where to go O_O

I feel like I am close for the user but have not enough experience in thinking this way.
I write usually apis’ and just get started.

Path 1 → find the decryption for digest url and do more enumaration to find more endpoints
Path 2 → Focus on parameters/options send to api

Is it worth to explore the proxy more?
I tried if root is set and other nginx things but nothing.
Usually it’s just a proxy_pass to localhost:port

Would it be worth to run wfuzz using proxy to find more endpoints.

I assume that there are more endpoints, I just don’t have the experience to know the possibilities of tooling and stuff like that.

Anyway, any help appreciated

Rooted, this was by far one of the best machine ever.
I spent almost 1 hour talking with that guy :slight_smile:
Thanks @scryh , I hope you will prepare other amazing boxes like this one!

Thank you! Great to hear that you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Still grinding, just about getting that app server environment running on local. Never give up

I’ve just rooted this machine and maan its even beyond insane… what a journey… i can understand why its called response now :smiley: i was able to learn a looot from this machine… however to be honest i needed a lot of help for the root part… it is definitely brainfuck level…

How are you root it?

Hi All, I have some questions about root key recovery, I think I figured out how to fix it but “q” is always corrupted and I don’t want to make spoilers, can anyone help me? Thanks to All

Resolved!!! This machine is a very complicated, to resolve it you need to know many theoretical notions. I had a lot of fun. Thanks @scryh